About us

At Royale Heritage grocery store, we ensure that you deserve the best always and we will make sure you will get what you deserve in very good standards. Your grocery buying experience with us will come with an affordable price-tag and most importantly at your convenience. We are online 24/7 and call us anytime. You can count on us.
RH believes that affordable pricing for our daily consumable items is a major issue for daily consumers in today’s day and age. And we do not get it at a fair price! Rather we are forced to accept the prices one way or the other from high street vendors and super markets. But we at RH have found a channel to get your grocery through to you at a WHOLE SALE price straight to your doorstep. Large quantity at even cheaper prices, buy for a week or a month in a go. We have smart and safe delivery partners working for us who we completely rely on.
You will ONLY pay for the delivery plus the handling charges (packaging). That’s all! All frozen items, vegetables and fresh meat will be sealed and insulated at the time of delivery in our own package.
The very motto of this company stands on fulfilling customer’s satisfaction. Off course with an affordable price policy (app) promise, which is based on our beliefs and hard work to source all your desired grocery list.
We only offer our customers service which speaks for itself. Do not forget to share your living experience with us.